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“Live in fragments no longer. Only connect.” — E.M. Forster

When people are intent on finding purpose and meaning, they might not always find it — but more often than not, they do find each other.

It is only apt that DV Media Co. was born in a time of extreme uncertainty — for it addressed the need of the hour: to work towards building a more sustainable future, with a focus on transforming media along the way.

In this article, we are discussing all things diversity. The concept of diversity is, of course, complex and multidimensional — so we’re here to break it down.

We decided to look within our own team to find answers about how to move the needle towards the sustainable future we envision for ourselves through digital media transformation.

Recently, we watched a documentary on one of the world’s most admired conservationists, Jane Goodall, and her work on chimpanzee research. We watched, absolutely amazed, as a chimpanzee used a twig as a fishing rod to extract termites from the mounds before gobbling them up.

This brought us back to the idea that absolutely anybody — even a chimpanzee! — can be creative, given the right opportunities and resources. We also touched upon intuitive creativity in our conversation with London-based creative powerhouse Good Intentions, out on our podcast Empty Suitcase, as we shared stories and laughs with our allies from across the world.

All you media folks looking to make a mark in the digital media space — here’s the chance to do the same thing in different ways. We want our work to reside at the intersection of creative and analytical, tempered with a dose of self-management, wholeness and evolutionary purpose.

So let’s jump straight into it.

Why does diversity matter?

The intrepid Turkish-British storyteller and novelist Elif Shafak hits the nail on the head in her 2017 TED talk when she explains that singularity is an illusion, because we all have a multiplicity of voices inside us. The Persian poet Hafiz used to say, “You carry in your soul every ingredient necessary to turn your existence into joy. All you have to do is mix those ingredients.”

Gain access to varied opportunities based on your interests, merit and experience.

Are you a video editor interested in working on content around sustainability and conservation? Perhaps you’re a ‘worried and depressed’ writer — as Elif Shafak hilariously points out in her talk — who wants to make a social impact with your words. We want to hear from you!

We believe that the essence of the human psyche is the same across cultures and a pool of talented experts across specialties is a fitting formula for this petri dish experiment. To tell the stories of the brands we partner with, we tap into knowledge-sharing and give collaborators the opportunity to express a wide range of perspectives.

Work with other specialists to expand your knowledge and grow together.

Is there anything quite as exciting as picking the brain of someone whose ideas you admire? We bring experts across fields and specialties together to share ideas and expand our collective knowledge, so we can thrive and excel together.

Why is this important? So that we can learn — as a professional community — to accept differences, to be tolerant towards something we may not completely understand at first. We want to see the beauty and strength in a variety of people, communities and ideas.

By including and acknowledging the co-existence of different thought processes and specialisations, we are paving the path to building a sustainable ecosystem of working together.

How does diversity encourage innovation?

For us, making diversity a business priority is a guiding belief. This is so that we create true opportunities for all, regardless of any variables. It’s about changing mindsets as a stepping stone in creating the kind of future we want to live and work in. The data for diversity and innovation speaks for itself.

Welcome to the next generation of marketing.

Holistic media solutions are the way forward — we can no longer look at any story or idea in silos, only in how it is inter-connected within the larger conversation of storytelling and digital marketing. And we know all too well by now exactly how many more conversations we need to be having right now to create a sustainable future.

Diversity — of thoughts, ideas and interests — has an uncanny way of promoting out-of-the-box thinking — and we’re all about out-of-the-box ideas and getting out of our comfort zones.

Think about it — Steve Jobs came up with the idea to start Apple not when he was studying computer engineering, but when he took a semester in calligraphy!

Cultivating domain expertise, encouraging experimentation with adjacent interests and empowering oneself with technical know-how — these three steps will set you right on the path to diverse ideation.

We have more things in common today — across borders and cultures — than we don’t. It’s time to leverage this.

To tell any story accurately, we need to investigate all its different angles for a well-rounded outlook. If we focus on a single story, we risk a critical misunderstanding. We want to partner with clients and collaborators of varied backgrounds to encourage mutual growth so that we all rise in tandem.

With experts of various specialisations looking at the same proposals from different points of view, we study all opportunities holistically. Once an idea is approached holistically, innovation is the next natural step.

What’s revolutionary about creative thinking is that one word or reference can spark a groundbreaking idea in a whole other sphere. Designers can now collaborate across borders, business owners can access the work of specialists in different fields with a click through their websites — the present-day business card, if you will.

What does diversity look like?

We value equal representation of thoughts, ideas, cultures and people regardless of gender, nationality, age, industry, career and education. You say merit, we say hired!

Work with specialists designed by Tanya Khosla

Work with specialists across borders and cultures, while retaining autonomy in your own domain.

As a collaborator working with us, diversity would mean having access to opportunities that suit your skill set based on merit, past experience and willingness to grow and evolve with the constantly-changing demands of the fast-paced digital environment.

For instance, we have observed that agencies in the Middle East — specifically Dubai — operate with people from different parts of the world.

It’s a glorious melting pot! DV Media Co. is a digital version of these agencies.

The bottom line

Creatively, we are limitless; we believe creativity can come in any form and from anyone. Through inclusion, acceptance and tolerance, we ensure that we retain the freedom to think out of the box, and keep our outlook as a digital agency razor-sharp and our ideas fresh.

Each of you who chooses to join DV Media Co. will bring a new way of learning, teaching and growing — forming the very basis of diversity. We value the uniqueness of each of our collaborators.

So here’s an opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and engage with experts who are always up for a brainstorming session. To work as a part of an updated, non-hierarchical system that is managed by the guardian of the project, to ensure that there is an efficient flow of communication between us and the clients.

We understand the human element of working together — besides the remuneration, what matters most on a day-to-day basis is connection. We’re here to foster and nurture this very connection, and to grow together.

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Written by Aditi Dharmadhikari



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